This is Iris

A lens into a new era of minecraft graphics

Why Iris?

This is what makes iris different

Great mod Compatibility

Iris is committed to ensuring mod compatibility as a first priority, and is already compatible with many of your favorite mods!

Modern Design

Iris has been built from the ground up to be extensible and easy to update. Say goodbye to weeks of waiting to use shaders on the new Minecraft version!

free and Open Source

Iris is an open source mod that anyone can contribute to. This allows Iris to improve by facilitating collaboration.


what Iris has to offer

OptiFine Parity

Iris aims to have full support for all past and present OptiFine shaderpacks, and number of packs supported by Iris is constantly and rapidly growing!
Screenshot by IMS, Kappa v5

Works with Sodium

Iris is compatible with CaffeineMC optimization mods such as Sodium and Phosphor, enabling stunning graphics at frames comparable to or even better than vanilla.
Screenshot by IMS, Nostalgia v4

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The Iris Advantage

New rendering techniques that put you ahead of the game

Performance-Optimized Shadows

Iris uses a technique called Shadow Frustum Culling to decrease the overhead of one of the biggest performance hogs of a shader - the shadows. Using Iris's shadow frustum culling, you'll be able to reach higher frame rates without sacrificing the quality of volumetric lighting or shadows.
Screenshot by IMS, Kappa v5

Efficient Entity Rendering

Iris improves the way that Minecraft renders entities and block entities like chests, pigs, and item frames. This trick even works with shaders disabled, and in worlds with a lot of entities, it can boost vanilla performance by up to 60 percent. Shadow rendering sees an especially large improvement, making areas that were once unplayable with shaders into places where your FPS is surprisingly smooth!
Screenshot by kinzuu_music

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